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Star Freight History:
Star Freight. has been successfully serving businesses and their shipping needs since its establishment in 1998. The basis of our company lies in the development of the complex logistic solutions by that meet the requirements of many manufacturers and businesses. As a freight forwarder company, we provide logistical solutions designed to meet today’s diverse and demanding transportation needs. We offer expert, specialized Air and Ocean Freight international transportation solutions. We pride ourselves on each partnership we have established with the clients we serve. We always listen to your requests and strive to fully understand your freight and cargo transport needs before recommending a logistic solution.

Quality of Service:
Star Freight. has developed and implemented a strong quality management system that consistently and accurately upholds the high standards of service we provide to our clients to ensure that our logistics solutions come through for you every time. Our goal is to deliver all shipments on time, intact, and complete. We always provide our clients with invoices that reflect each service and billing information. Our high quality of service is backed by our consistency in pick up and delivery, as your satisfaction is our top priority. Our transparent business practices and high-quality service guarantee has resulted in many long-term partnerships with clients who ship worldwide on a daily basis!

Logistics Strategy::
Star Freight is constantly evolving and growing with the emergence of new shipping technologies. We update our logistics offerings to include new methods, new market segments, new customers and partners in order to optimize our existing partnerships and to provide the best shipping options for every client. Our logistics strategy includes the establishment of a highly developed network for logistics infrastructure, the operation of business in international markets, and the optimal offering of complete logistics services packages for every client.